About Us

After being involved in the paintball, outdoors and shooting communities for several years we have noticed a dirth of quality, military and tactical gear being readily available for consumers to buy to satisfy their needs.

Up stepped the fine folk at Rocky Mountain Armory...

We cater for the person who enjoys outdoor activities such as but not limited to, hiking, airsoft, shooting (social and competition), crossfit, photography, paintball, militaria collectors and gearheads  ... oh and some indoor activities too, we stock great coffee.

Added to this we have also got EMT unit's covered too, check out our EMS section.

Our apparel section is made up from genuine 7.62mm design and Black Rifle Coffee Company t-shirts... and speaking of which you have to try our premium 100% made in America - Black Rifle Coffee, it is truly remarkable, made and supported by Veterans.

Patch collectors?
No problem! Got your six covered there too! Our pvc and embroidered patches are the epitome of good old fashioned style and dark humour.
All of our products are genuinely 100% the real deal, no cheap knockoff stuff here... we have meticulously hand selected items that we feel cover what our customers want.

All of our product is shipped using our own couriers door to door so no anxious (and frustrating) waiting at the post office, win win right?
Browse around and check out our offerings, we promise you, you will find something here you will want.